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A Dad Review: Discovery Museum

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A Dad Review: Challenge Northumberland....Clarty Bairns


Today the Twiglet's and I took part in a muddy obstacle course called "Clarty Bairns" which is an event run by "Challenge Northumberland". If you aren't from the North East of the UK you may not know what "Clarty Bairns" means so, to translate, it means "Messy Kids". We refer to oodles of mud as "clart" and the kids as "the bairns" now you know. See, my blog is not only hilarious it is also educational! Anyway, we took part today and we had an absolute blast!

Here are the before and after pictures:

The obstacle course was 3km long and had around 20 different obstacles throughout which included: Climbing Walls Climbing Nets Cargo Nets Tarzan Swing Tunnels And a whole array of other obstacles. As well as the obstacles about half way through there is a swamp that you have to traverse whilst you are knee deep in mud (waist deep for the kids) which, in my opinion, was the best bit! The twins were loving it that…

A Dad Review: SLABS Crisps

On Monday July 24th I was followed on my Twitter account by a company called "SLABS". I could see from their thumbnail that they had something to do with crisps so, naturally, I clicked on them to find out more. Instantly I was intrigued as they didn't look like bog standard crisps and they proudly declared that they are "THICK AND BIG" which, in the crisp world, is quite a bold statement to make.

If you follow my Dad Squad on Twitter you may have seen that we are collectively a big fan of crisps and quite often discuss them so I tweeted the Dad Squad and told them to check out these guys.

A bit of banter ensued where we talked about various things crisp related (although it got surreal and developed in to a TV show like "Pitch Battle" but with crisps...that's Twitter for you).

I then got a DM from "SLABS" who said they would send me some  crisps (to be fair, I asked...shy bairns and that) and I promised I would do a review i…

"What Did You Think Of.....The Boss Baby"?

For our latest review The Twiglets and I have reviewed "The Boss Baby". We went to see this at the local Odeon on "Kids Club" on the first day of the Summer Holidays. We took my Dad to see it too as he secretly loves a cartoon. Here are our thoughts...
The Boss Baby
WARNING: COULD CONTAIN SPOILERS Describe "The Boss Baby" in a nut shell: Ruby: A boy gets a baby brother who is the Boss Baby. They don't like each other. Then they do. Poppy:The little boy doesn't like it when the Boss Baby comes to his house but then they become friends. Me: I could describe this in two ways: 1) On The Surface - This is essentially what the twins said. A boy gets a new little brother who is the Boss Baby and they don't get along. Then they do get along as they have to team up to save their parents from disaster. 2) Beneath The Surface - For a kids cartoon this is pretty complex. Tim's parents get a new baby boy who is the Boss Baby. The Boss Baby has been sent by …

"Say Cheeeeeese"....The Twiglet's Take Photos

Christmas 2015 the twins received V-Tech cameras off their grandparents. They love them and whenever we go anywhere they like to take them with them and take photographs. It would also appear they quite like taking photos of each other, doing selfies and using the built in software to manipulate photographs.

I uploaded their photos to my laptop and I randomly picked 5 from each and the twins are now going to explain them and why they took them.


This is a photo of my sister Poppy and my cousin Ellie dressed as Olaf. I like it because Ellie wasn't looking at the camera.

This is a photo of Poppy holding my T-Rex in the dark in the doll's house. I wanted to show how the eyes light up in the dark.

This is a photo of me and my Daddy being silly. We have Beat Baby which is the school teddy bear in reception that I took home for the weekend.

This is a photo of Captain America and I made him fat with that super thing on my camera that makes things fat.

This is a photo of when we fo…

What Did You Think Of....."The LEGO Batman Movie"?

Last weekend we went to Kids Club at the local Odeon Cinema to see "The LEGO Batman Movie". Ruby has been dying to see it for ages as she is a big Batman fan (she's a fan of all the superheroes) and Poppy has been dying to see it because Ruby has. Here is our review...

The LEGO Batman Movie

WARNING: COULD CONTAIN SPOILERS Describe "The LEGO Batman Movie" in a nut shell: Ruby: Batman gets a son and they save the day Poppy:Batman and Robin save the day from the bad guys Me: Batman is scared of having a family...but in order to save Gotham from The Joker's latest ploy he may need to get over that fear, work with others and lighten up a little bit.    What was your favourite bit of "The LEGO Batman Movie?" Ruby: I just loved all of it Poppy:When Batman and The Joker made friends...and when The Joker was funny Me: This is a genuinely funny movie with loads of pop culture references and in-jokes that will go over the heads of most kids. I liked the subtle bits o…

"What Did You Think Of.....Despicable Me 3?"

This week the Twiglet's and I are reviewing "Despicable Me 3" which is the third movie in the "Despicable Me" series (not that you'd ever have guessed that).

Here goes...
Despicable Me 3
WARNING: COULD CONTAIN SPOILERS Describe "Despicable Me 3" in a nut shell: Ruby: A bad boy makes a giant robot and tries to kill everyone Poppy:It is about the Minions going to jail and coming back and Gru finds them and helps them Me: Dru meets his twin brother Gru and they learn to bond whilst trying to stop a former child-star gone crazy from destroying the world whilst The Minions try to go back to being bad and Lucy learns to be a mother.   What was your favourite bit of "Despicable Me 3?" Ruby: When the little girl got her unicorn Poppy:When the Minions came from jail because it was happy Me: There were loads of genuinely funny moments but for me it was when Dru and Gru pretended to be each other at the dinner table. And what bit did you least enjoy? Ruby: Wh…