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Review: Brockhole on Windermere

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5 Movies I Can't Wait To Watch With The Twins

If you read my posts regularly you will know that I am a big movie fan and that I love watching movies with the twins.

My all time favourite movie is "Jurassic Park" and I have been dying to watch it with the twins since the day they were born. However, being fully aware of the content and how scary it can be I knew that I would have to wait until the right moment. From the age of 5, and for over a year, they have both been saying that would love to watch it but I have always been a little apprehensive about it. They started asking about it again recently so Kate and I discussed it and we decided that they are pretty good at understanding what is real and what is not and that they could watch it. However, there was one rule we definitely agreed on - it would have to be watched during the day and followed up with something happy and colourful...probably "Trolls".

The time came and we put it on. Within minutes Poppy decided she didn't want to watch it and she wan…

My Top 5 Favourite Moments As A Dad.....So Far

Over the years I have had several jobs. I have worked in a stationary shop, ran a café, ran a pub, been a teacher in adult education, worked in a hotel on Long Island, New York and I currently work as a support worker for people with learning difficulties and social difficulties. It is a great job and I enjoy what I do...but if I was to be totally honest it isn't my favourite job. No, my favourite job, as clichéd as it sounds, is being a Dad!

Being a Dad is an awesome job! Sure, it is difficult at times and can really be quite testing but it is also great fun and enjoyable. Being a Dad to twins is even better as I instantly got double the love (and double the trouble). They are now 6 years old and there are so many things I have loved about the journey so far. In this post, however, I am going to list my Top 5 favourite moments as a Dad so far...

1: The Day They Were Born

Naturally this was going to be number one. The day they were born was such a surreal day but a day that I will ne…

My Top 5 Best and Bottom 5 Worst Animated Kids Movies

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Here is my Dadsquad Linky post....

If you have followed my posts from the beginning and have followed my posts over on Dadsquad you will know that I am a big movie fan.

I love going to the cinema and I love taking the twins to see a movie. They love going to the cinema too.

I have lost count of the number of movies we have been t…

Mam Of Crazy Twins "10 for 10"

My wife doesn't blog. But she does help to share mine and she is quite active on Twitter. If you don't already follow her you'll find her handle in my blurb on Twitter.

She was recently nominated to do the "10 for 10" so she asked if she could hijack my blog to do this and, as I am an awesome husband, I said yes. So here it is...

(Oh - by the way - did you honestly think I wasn't going to have some fun with this?)

The Rules:

There always has to be some rules.

1 – Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post

2 – Copy and paste the rules into your post

3 – List 5 famous people who are in your exemption list and explain why (an exemption list is a list of famous people you could do naughty things with and be exempt from punishment by your significant other). For anyone who is currently not in possession of a significant other, please just list 5 famous people you would love to shag meet

4 – List 5 people you would invite to a dinner party an…

My Top 5 Best And Worst Kids TV Shows

When I was a kid we had 4 channels. Because of that my brother and I just had to watch what was on and didn't really have much choice. During the week there was nothing on the TV in the morning. Kids today don't know how lucky they are. They have hundreds of channels to choose from, channels that are dedicated to nothing but kids TV shows as well as streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime with kids shows on demand.

Since the twins were born in 2011 I have been introduced to many kids TV shows. Some of them are brilliant but some of them are just plain awful. For this post I have decided to list my favourites and my least favourites. Here goes...

(Note - I haven't included any shows from when I was a kid - only ones that I was introduced to with the twins.)

10: Worst - Topsy And Tim

"Topsy and Tim" is an awful TV show! Everything is so perfect! It is just a total false representation of life with kids! Especially with twins! I think when people find out they …

My Top 5 Kids Books I Love Reading To The Twins

We are a house of readers. I always have a book on the go (although I am not a fast reader) and Kate has about 16 on the go at once. The twins love to read as we have read to them since they were babies. I think reading is fundamental and every child should read. So...for this post I decided that I would list my "Top 5 Favourite Kids Books". These are all books that I didn't discover or hadn't read until the Twins came along and are in no particular order.

My Top 5 Favourite Kids Books

1: Jump In by Ian Whybrow

This is an underrated gem of a kids book. I discovered this when I picked it up at The Works in their "10 books for £10" sale one day. I had never heard of it, nor had Kate, but from the first read I loved it. A great rhyming book with a clever use of words, great illustrations and so much fun to read out loud. Whenever a relative or friend announces they are expecting their first child I buy them this book. There is a sequel called "All Change&qu…